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fight 150x93 - Fighting CouplesEver tire of everyone being so nice and cordial at your parties? Your parties need some life to them? Well, hire a couple to come to the party and spice it up with a verbal fight! Picture a perfect couple politely mingling with your guests and gaining their confidence, only to have them later on starting to throw barbs back and forth with each other. The argument starts getting louder and louder till they practically begin a barroom brawl.

You can request the fight become as outrageous as possible, maybe a food fight or having one of them pushed into the pool. Our actors are skilled in improvisation and can bring this and many other gags to your event to liven it and your guests up. Just give us a situation and ask if we can do it. Also see Tipsy Waiters.

Some of our theme parties have included:

The Casino Night, Murder Mystery Dinner, Hallelujah Hollywood, Winter Wonderland, Carnival, 1950's, Groovy 60's Party, and many more!

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