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Don’t just take our word for it — listen to what people have had to say about our parties  and performers! All of the following comments are unsolicited and unedited.



It was amazing my family was so shocked and I gave you guys website to two families I would love to also book something for the 4 of July

K.B  3/29/21


The Snow . . .It. Was. Amazing!!!!
Thank you!!  It was the most perfect day!   I cannot say enough.  I hope you get so many referrals!!
Allison R. 1/4/21
Everything was amazing and went smoothly! Thank you so very much for being able to accommodate us last minute!
Kodi K.  12/28/20

J. and the guys were awesome!!! The guys arrived  early on the date of our event, set up and waited until the perfect time to spray that beautiful white stuff for the event start. Cathrine, the Event Specialist, provided superior customer service by being very patient and attentive to the special needs or our Event.

The kids went bananas! Some adults did also.  

If you want to make your event Epic. .I recommend  giving The Entertainment Contractors a shot!

Rosalind S-G.     2/12/20

Edendale Community


I had been meaning to reach out. Your vendors were AMAZING!!!! We were so happy with all of them!! The DJ was super fun and the shark really got down and on the floor with the kids. The games were a huge hit. Thank you so very much. You guys were a pleasure to work with. !!
Hope to work together again soon.
All the best
Amita R.    1/14/20


Omg. It was absolutely amazing and the hit for the party. The kids would not leave off of the snow, Santa and Elsa were throwing snow balls with the kids. It was a blast. Thank you so much!!!!

Merry Christmas 

Best Regards,

Christine B   12/25/19
Loan Depot
Thank you for everything! Your onsite staff was fantastic! The snow was a perfect addition to our Frozen themed decor!
Have a Merry Christmas and a healthy happy Holiday Season!
Doyle B.   12/24/19
DB Eventstyle

The photo booth received rave reviews, thank you again for making it work out! Greatly appreciated!

Eileen Q.  12/17/19


It was excellent Cathrine.  Thank you!  Please reserve December 13, 2020 for next year.

Happy Holidays!

Russell S.         12/13/19

Hacienda Golf Club

I just can’t say enough good things about today! The puppies and bunnies were an absolute hit with everyone!  Thank you so much for squeezing us in and allowing us to have them at our party today.  Again thank you for everything!
Rob and Ashley S.   12/12/19

Perfect, it was a fun night!

Kimberly H.      12/11/19

On The Rise Church


Hi there,

It went really well. The team did a great job, and all had a blast. The rain never showed up as well! Thank you for all the effort. We will put a similar event on the books for next year. Merry Christmas!-Brett C.               12/11/19


Good Morning Cathrine,

The event went great! The kids really enjoyed the snow and had a blast. The snow lasted for the full event.

Thank you!

Ely C.  12/11/19


Good morning Catherine,

Everything went great! All the kids had a blast. Thank you for the great service, hope to continue doing business with you.

Have an excellent day

Julie V.  12/11/19

Home Depot


Good morning Cathrine,

Everything went great!!Thank you so much, both girls did such an awesome job. The guest really enjoyed them.

Thank you  again,

Cathy C   12/11/19

It was wonderful!!! Everyone had a great time. Thank you again!
Karla D.  12/10/19


AMAZING.  Your crew and sets were fantastic.  Thank you so much.  The SNOW was so much better than I even imagined.  Loved it!  Carolers were great.  Very talented and nice.  And the grinch and cindylou were great.  Have NOTHING negative to say at all.

We are planning to do more of these in 2020 – probably smaller than this one but I will reach out as soon as I have a budget and plan with you.

Appreciate everything you did.

Take care,

Vicki N.     12/9/19

Studio City Business District


 RE: Ferris Wheel

It was beyond fabulous!
Thank you for everything!!

Jackie P.  5/31/16


Re: grill cart

Dear Cathrine,
Your staff was on time, professional, nice and extremely helpful.
Catering could not have worked out better.
Thank you again,
Allison D.  5/17/16


RE: Nurse Appreciation day


I can’t begin to explain how wonderful the decorations and the dancers were.   Couldn’t have asked for anything better.  Thank you so much for making our night a success.  I so look forward to working with you in the future.

Thank you, thank you,

Carmen M. 5/16/16



RE: Snow


Sorry for the late reply! Everything went great. Your trucks were there well before set-up time. They were professional and courteous and were able to set up in time for our Winter Club’s Carnival. Although 12 tons may not seem like much our students loved the idea they had snow in their quad! To the naked eye it may have looked chaotic but the students engaged in a school-wide snowball fight that brought nothing but laughter fun to the event.

The Clubs were happy because the students worked up such an appetite they all sold out (of the food they were selling to raise money for their clubs).

Overall, this was a great day and it was all over the Social Media Sites.

Thank You Again!

Paul L./Courtney W.   2/2/16

Re: Snow fest

Thank you!  We are so happy to have found you.  The children loved the snow experience.
Lisa B.   2/2/16


RE: Santa

He was awesome!  He remembered one of the child’s name from last year and impressed everyone.  He has such a sweet personality you really think it’s Santa.

Thank you for coordinating for us.

Elsa G. 12/21/15


Dear EC Parties,

Everything was a huge success!! The candy sculptor and the name artist were a huge hit, thank you very much for everything.

Tito R.  12/21/15


RE: snow day

It did rain and I wish I had gone with my gut and changed it to another date but oh well.  When it was down with no rain it was great and the kids have been enjoying playing on the ice rink slash ice ball.  Your guys were great and gave me some goods tips for next year.  Thanks again.

Dan B. 12/21/15


Hi Catherine,

 It was amazing!  The guys did a great job and showed up right on time.  It was incredibly efficient.  In no time at all we had our field of snow!  The kids built amazing snowmen, with plenty of snow left over for the obligatory snowball fight!
The guys showed up to pick up the hay (which we had moved to the sidewalk for them; they confirmed that would be great), and we’re all cleaned up!  It was kind of funny though, as we had the snow shoveled and put into the curb outside our house and around the corner and up there street yesterday (…there was a lot of snow!).  We saw 3 tour buses stop by to point out the snow to the tourists (who probably thought we were nuts for having snow poured into our driveway as they spend entire winters shoveling it out of theirs!).
Thanks for all of your help in arranging it.  I think next year we’ll do that ramp for sledding.  I’ll get back to you later!  Until then, best wishes for very happy holidays.
Nancy D.  12/21/15

Morning Sharen – well, your Santa should have burning ears!  EVERYONE bragged about him, he was a blessing for sure; he visited all the kids and then some.  Bill’s wife Susie was absolutely smitten with him and our contact, Miss Barbara, was wild for what he did.  To us and the kids, he IS Santa, he made all those kids so happy!

We’ll keep in touch for any future gatherings for sure but you should really know, this meant the world to these kids.  Their families don’t have much to spend at Christmas time and for the past 10+ years, Santa (Bill) brings them so much joy that they really look forward to it, and your hard work at finding a Santa at the very last minute made this happen, so thank you.

Have a good holiday and again Sharen, thank you.

Lysa K.  12/16/15


Hi Cathrine,

The guys were AMAZING! Very helpful, quick and on top of it. Everyone enjoyed the snow and luckily nothing unfortunate happened J.

Thanks for your help and we will definitely use Entertainment Contractor again in the future.


Lizanne S. 12/8/15


Subj: Re: Re: Snow
Everything went great. Your guys showed up early and the kids had a great time.

Thank you for everything.
Armando V. 12/8/15


Re: Casino Tables

Good morning Sharon!

Thanks for checking in, everything was great and we will definitely be using  you guys again in the future!

Thanks for everything!

Kandis L. 11/2/15


Re: Candy Artist

Hi Catherine,
He was great and a huge hit. Thanks for your help!
Brielle L. 10/19/15

RE: Dance Motivator


Thanks, she was great!   We loved her, well done..  I was scrambling after the party and did not have a chance to say ‘bye’ but please thank her for me!

Laura H. 10/19/15
Hi Cathrine-
He was wonderful! Everyone greatly enjoyed having their PAXes engraved and watching him do it – it was really impressive that he could engrave each one by hand.
Thanks again for your help booking.
Ashley M. 9/28/15


Hi Cathrine,

Thank you for following up! We loved David- he was funny and really got everyone involved. J

From, Laura H. 9/28/15


RE: Laker Girls

It was great!  Thank you so much!  The students loved them!!

From: Hector M. 9/10/15


Dear Cathrine,

Thank you and Eric and the tattoo artist and the dance motivator. We had a fabulous time and everyone on your end was great.
I’m looking forward to working with you all in the future.
My best,
Erith A. 8/24/15


RE: Juggler/Magician


It went perfect thank you so much! Our members had a really good time and they gave a lot of compliments!

From: Laura R.  8/19/15


Hi Catherine,
We can’t thank you enough! Everything was perfect. Thank you for adding just the right “wow” factor to our party.
 Looking forward to working with you again.
Many thanks,
Adrienne I. 6/30/15
ice cream cart 150x150 - Testimonials


Hi Catherine, everyone loved the monkey!!!!  Total hit.  Thank you  for making it happen!

Francine N. 6/29/15

Subject: Monkey/Organ grinder and the pickpocket magician

Thanks for checking in.  They both were great.  I will definitely call you again.

Thanks, George P. 6/29/15

Subject: Re: John’s Garden 40year anniversary-Calypso Band

Everything was great! The guys were absolutely awesome!

Thank you,

Boyan K. 6/29/15



Hi Cathrine,

Every thing went fabulous, It was an amazing party.
I will send you some clips soon.
Thank you so much for everything
Nadia  M. 6/22/15


Hello Everyone,

Thank you to all of you for such an amazing event Saturday!
Thank you all for being wonderful, prompt, and great at what you do. If there
are any unresolved issues, please let us know!


Annette G. 6/22/15


Hi Catherine,

Maddie’s Bat Mitzvah was absolutely wonderful! The ceremony was beautiful and the party was a blast. Everyone was telling me ours was the most enjoyable bat mitzvah they had ever attended. Maddie was beaming. It was just a spectacular day!

The wire artist was a HUGE hit. The kids and adults absolutely loved him and he had a captive audience the entire evening.

Thank you for your help. We’ll start planning her little brother’s bar mitzvah in a few months – 11/19/16.

I’ll forward photos once I get them back from the photographer.

Thank you Catherine!

Lisa S. 6/17/15


Subject: Re: Barbershop Quartet

They were amazing!   Everyone just loved them.  They were on time and just great to work with.  Will definitely keep them in mind for another function.  Thank you so much for finding them for me.
Michael M. 6/15/15


Just want to say how wonderful it was to have your services. The kids went crazy on the cotton candy. We will definitely call you again in the future.
Thanks, Michael P. 6/1/15


Hello Cathy & Jay—

I hope you both are doing well. I meant to email you last week but have been slammed. I wanted to thank you for such a beautiful and elaborate candy bar. I got so much amazing feedback from not only the residents but even the staff. I knew I was right when I told everyone to trust me on why I wanted the candy bar from you guys!!!

Thank you for the continued partnership, you guys always do such an amazing job!!!

Thank you

Michelle S., University Town Center – 5/14/15


Everything was awesome! Thanks for setting everything up. Laura was great!!!! :)
Leslie L.  – 5/6/15


Hi Cathrine,


Thank you for your email. I was told that she loved it and so did the rest of the children. He was great and the kids really enjoyed the magic and face painting.

Andrea N. – 5/4/15


Hi Catherine,

The dancers were absolutely wonderful! The ladies enjoyed and everyone had a good time. As always, you bring us the best!

Thank you,

Jean Marie – 04/23/15

We couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you so much for everything. My son was so happy.I had great feedback from friends and family. Great presentation.
Jakelyn R. – 03/18/15

 Once again, everything was fantastic.  Thank you and we will be in touch again for my next one which will be November 2016.

Amber – 01/30/15

Hi Cathrine,
Love the snow- a huge hit!

Hi Cathrine:
It was an unbelievable day!  To say the employees loved it is an understatement! Huge, huge, huge success! The team was incredible and a pleasure to work with.  Worth every single penny.
Thank you so much and happy holidays!
Kathleen H.
Saatchi & Saatchi LA – 12/19/14

Greetings Cathrine Woo,

Boiron USA would like to express their gratitude on outstanding entertainment services at our holiday party.  Everyone was so kind and all employees left with great memories.    Thank you,


Candida R.

 Hi Cathrine:

Just wanted to let you know that everything went off without a hitch today, and we were thrilled!  We especially loved our attendant – he was jovial and engaging and really kept the customers coming!
We will definitely give you a call for our pride kick-off next year!

Thanks so much again!


Universal Studios

 Hi Cathrine, Was planning to send you an email today and the day just got away from me.  All three entertainers were beyond wonderful!!!  It is always such a pleasure to work with you and your staff.   Rhys had a wonderful bday and a great deal of that was due to your talented entertainers.   Thanks so much!!! Look forward to the next event.
Xoxo Morgan

Thank you Catherine, The band was just perfect, in my estimation. I did not get to stay the whole nite, but the hour and three quarters that I was there, they were PERFECT.  Eddie and Catherine sang great, their selections were great for the crowd there, and it was just a great nite for all who attended. I was asked by many to have another nite before the summer is over.
I’m not sure if we can do it again, but if we can I will surely use your group again. Please tell Eddie and Catherine that they were really good, and they did a great job. They are tremendous.
Best, Danny

WOW, Cathrine!  Tommy was awesome!  I was worried that my son remembered him from being 4, and that he would have outgrown him.  But who could outgrow Tommy’s antics?!?!?!  I found myself laughing out loud!  He’s fantastic!  Merida was beautiful and had incredible, clean, pretty equipment- she looked professional and just a total joy!!!!  Kind and sweet!! They were both exceptionally patient and amazing!  I loved her!!!  People were raving, and many people asked for your information.  I am so very happy and appreciative of all that you do!  Thank you a million times.  Thank you.  If there are any sites you would like me to make a positive review on, I would be happy to.  Just let me know the sites, and I will sit down and rave!

Thank you again!


“I have to tell you that the FISH was the hit of the party!!!! Richard was AMAZING!!! He did SUCH a fantastic job!!! Please tell him how much we loved him – he really was so good. The dog tag ladies were a huge hit as well. The kids loved their tags. Thanks so much!!! I really appreciate all your help.

Jenni” – 01/08/13

“Party was a success. Santa was a jolly ol’ chap! Everyone, old and young, was happy! Thanks for your great service. We will be sure to be in touch for future events.

Jennifer L.” – 12/24/12

“Sunday was wonderful. Raymond (as Elvis) is a good entertainer. We had almost 300 women there. He pleased them all. I did not hear even one complaint.

Marice B.
Red Hat Society” – 12/05/12

“It (Snow Machines) was amazing. Perfect. My client was so happy — thank you so much!

Annie C.” – 12/04/12

“The instructor did a wonderful job! I wish we had had more time for him. Both adults and kids enjoyed dancing! He was a great addition to our event.


Lisa” – 11/14/12

“Everything was great, especially the hot dog guy! I forget his name now… so much was going on. He was really wonderful and so sweet. Hot dogs were delicious! We really enjoyed the whole package and will definitely use you guys again!

Thanks so much!

Melissa R.” – 11/06/12

“She (rice jewelry artist) was a hit, thank you. I will be hosting lots of parties this year and will definitely use your services. Thank you again.

Gracie S.” – 10/30/12

“The [exotic animal] show was marvelous!! Everybody was enjoying it. The trainer was excellent. He was very patient and answered all the kids’ questions. I added your website to my favorite, and I’ll recommend you to all my friends.

Thank you,
Susan M.” – 10/29/12

“He was a big hit! The book that was made was beautiful. I heard everyone was fascinated with him.

Thank you for your patience and help with all our details. It was a pleasure working with you!

Stephanie H.” – 10/01/12

“Big success! Allie was wonderful. I hope she managed to have a good time too. Having her there really added to the event and set a great tone for the weekend.

Thank you for being a reliable and trusted source to do business with.

Charlie” – 10/01/12

“We received great feedback! Everyone had such a great time and loved all of the activities.

Thank you,
Elizabeth M.
Malibu Country Mart” – 09/07/12

“J Schwartz was great. My wedding guests commented to me many times how professional he was and how nice he was. He was very accommodating and very energetic. We were extremely happy with him.

Thank you,
Chanda G.” – 09/04/12

“He (Glass Artist) was great and the kids (and some adults) loved the figurines.

Los Angeles, CA” – 08/30/12

“Thank you so much, it was great doing business with you. The event was a hit and we couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks once again.

Johnny Cupcake/Junk Food Clothing” – 08/24/12

“The glass artist was really great! Incredibly nice man and the kids loved his glass figurines.

Audie L.” – 07/26/12</>

“I would like to thank you for the great service we received yesterday during the grand opening of the San Bernardino location. We would love to contract again in the near future.

Thank you again for your service and to thank you for your added energy and care for our opening!

Melissa H.
Summit General Insurance Agency, Inc.” – 07/18/12

“It was fantastic! amazing, and wonderful. I will ABSOLUTELY be booking entertainment etc through you guys in the future. Thanks so much for everything!

Cinefamily” – 07/02/12</>

“Thank you Cathrine, for making grad night a great one for Magruder’s 8th graders. I heard you were a HIT!! We appreciate all that you do and thanks again.

Caroline C.
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.” – 06/19/12

“Everything went extremely well. Scot is totally awesome – sooooo nice! And he looks like Elvis and sounds like him. We will have him again, I am sure. I have had a few people wanting info on how to book him. That is good for you!

Donna B.
Quest Diagnostics” – 06/30/12

“The commercial looks great! The installers were very nice and helpful. Thank you very much.

Erica D.
Blisslights” – 05/30/12

“They were absolutely wonderful! Both activities. And we really got a lot of t-shirts done. Thanks again :)

SRO Events” – 05/08/12

“Your team was terrific and the kids loved it. We haven’t gone through the thumb drive yet but we’re excited to see everyone’s creations!

Thank you!
Jill N.” – 05/07/12

“The trio was fantastic! Everyone loved them. The guys were really great to work with. They were just perfect for the event, everyone had a great time. I will keep your info on file for any future entertainment needs we may have in the area.

California Medical Association” – 05/03/12

“Wonderful, we were really impressed. Very professional people! And most importantly the client was happy :)

Jackie” – 04/29/12

“Everything was great! We love the jewelry artist’s work. Thank you.

Annie” – 04/25/12

“Fabulous! We will surely contact you for next year. Can we book tentatively for next year? Saturday before Easter Sunday. Thanks for everything in last minute pinch!

Stephen Y.” – 04/09/12

“Dave was PERFECT! A great mix for old and young, he really was the perfect fit for the party. We’re still talking about it — thanks so much for suggesting him. We have your card and will keep it for future parties.

Laurie” – 03/26/12

“Thank you for helping to make Lola’s party a great success last evening. The board was a hit with the kids!


“Everything went great and guests were blown away by the snow! When pictures come back I will be sure to send them!

Thanks to you and Mike’s team!

Shannon B.”

“The mime show was a hit! The kids, as well as, the adults participated with the chuckles. Thanks again.


“The event went splendid. Turnout was great. So many happy faces. The Frosty character was awesome. We were very satisfied with everything.


“Thanks so much for adding such a great addition to our party last night! Everyone loved the snow! They are still playing in it today! Have a wonderful weekend!

Shawn P.
Loma Linda University”

“The snow was a HIT! Thank you so much. Wish you could have seen the joy on the kids’ faces as they played.


“Everything went great! We really appreciate everything and look forward to working with you in the future.

Nick G.”

“Both Ishmael and Robert were wonderful and the kids loved the slushies! We were able to serve the treats at lightning speed. THANK YOU! We will definitely use your services again in the future. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Catherine R.”

“Thanks J. and Cathy (and Sam!) for a job well done. Everyone raved about the decor and the party. Way to go and we’ll definitely do this again! Thanks for everything!

Wally W.”

“Everything went so well and everyone loved David! It was a perfect choice. Thank you very much for all your help. I recommended you guys to another company who is planning a party right now. So, they should be calling you soon.

Ayako N.”

“Thank you so very much! I received the package in perfect condition. It’s better than I even thought it could be! Wonderful work!

All the best,
Yelena S.”

“Everything was great. His job is amazing. I’ll give your phone to my friend.


“It was great! Anthony and Zuni were a huge hit! Thank you so much. If anyone ever asks I would definitely recommend him for a kids birthday party, he let us take tons of pictures, all the kids got to interact with Zuni. I had about 100+ people and everyone raved about the monkey!

Mari B.”

“Everything was very good. I think everyone enjoyed him. His magic is first rate and he has a good personality to go along with it. Thanks for doing this so last minute. What would they do without me? and what would I do without you guys?

Susan K.”

“The sand sculptor was amazing! The kids really enjoyed him and he made a great addition to our under the sea themed party! Thanks again!


“Everything was great! We loved our leprechaun – He was wonderful and a big hit!

Thank You Again!
Carol H.”

“The entertainers were excellent! Our daughter and all of her friends had a blast. Please let both of the performers know that they exceeded our expectations!


“Absolutely wonderful!!! Top quality service and you’ll definitely be hearing from me again in the future thank you

Jennifer K.”

Thanks I just want to tell you guys thank you for the snow and carts this weekend! We had such a great time with it and it turned out beautiful!


“Thank you for all of your assistance. We were very pleased with the DJ and all entertainment contractor services.
The DJ assisted getting people on the dance floor and making the talent show, and evening, a great success!

Thanks again,

“It was great! Your girl did a wonderful job. We are happy and thankful for your service. Will be happy to recommend your company and hire you again.


“Everything went wonderful last night with J as the Barker. Our client loved the performance and how in character he was.


“The DJ was great. Everyone loved him and he was very professional! I will be using him again. As far as the Photo Booth-everyone loved it and had fun using it.


“Money booth was a HUGE success all the kids loved it. Flipbooks was also a HUGE success.


“Thank you for sending the handwriting analyst for Saturday night she was really sweet and everyone loved her!


“Thank you again for everything.
The reports back from our customers have all been extremely positive, and you can rest assured that we will be singing your praises far and wide!

All Nippon Airways Company”

“Everything went great and Alexis had a fantastic time. Thank you for everything and making it a memorable day for us. Looking forward to more wonderful events with you and your company.

Best regards
Anjele H.”

“I want to commend the man and woman who brought the ‘Taco Bar’ to my party on Saturday, May 9, 2009. They were on time, well-prepared, friendly, efficient and the tacos were delicious. Everything went beautifully and thank you for your part in it.

Betty W.
Barstow, CA”

“Thank you for helping make yesterday’s MySpace Summer Party a huge success! Looking forward to working with you again soon.


“The digital photographers were all fabulous – thank you so much. Our client was really happy, you should have seen the kid’s faces, we all got a good chuckle out of it!


“Everything was great!!
Thank you for always coming through for us!!

Luxe Hotel”

“Skippy our Reindeer and Star, the Christmas Elf, did a wonderful job – we would love to use them again for future events.

Thank you so much!

Joy & Family”

“J – We used 2 air brushers from you for an event we hosted on September 9th at USC for Nike. We had great feedback and would like to move forward with another event.

Onboard Entertainment”

“Thank you for providing great entertainment for my client’s event yesterday in Santa Barbara. Both Frankenstein on Stilts and the “Witch Clown” were great. The client really wanted me to compliment you on the “Witch Clown” as she was wonderful with children. Looking forward to working with you again for their next holiday party

Events, Etc.”


Was absolutely PERFECT! He was a great sport and really took our party to the next level. Our guests were just shocked. Worth every penny!

Mob Productions”

“Thank you so so so so so much for the wonderful snow. It was a huge hit. I have several friends who wanted your contact info and you will be hearing from us again. Your delivery man was so helpful, punctual and friendly. I could not be happier with your snow.

You will hear from me next year if not before.

Thanks again.

Chadwick School”

“The Winter Wonderland Holiday Event was wonderful… Thank you for all of your support!

Best regards,
Taylor Made Golf”

“Steve did a wonderful job!!! Thank you for all you do! You are a great company I would often recommend! Thank you – !!

Our Lady Of Malibu School”

Some of our theme parties have included:

The Casino Night, Murder Mystery Dinner, Hallelujah Hollywood, Winter Wonderland, Carnival, 1950's, Groovy 60's Party, and many more!

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